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Country Life

Posted on August 12, 2014 at 1:20 PM  

Good Afternoon!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! I love weather like this-breezy and little to no humidity. I am sitting outside listening to the birds singing and the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind. Laundry is on the line drying. I love the way clothes, etc smell after hung on the line. 

The chickens are running around the yard eating the bugs. We have not gotten any eggs yet from them. I enjoy “farm fresh” eggs. There are two chickens that like to get out of the pen when they are locked up. Alex and I have not figured out how they keep escaping the coop. We have looked over the entire pen and have tried to fix where we thought they were getting out. I’m thinking those two chickens just fly to the top of the fence and jump to the ground. 

I am so thankful for being raised country and on a farm. We didn’t have much but we did have what we needed. Sitting here with all these memories from living on a farm going through my mind. I did not grow up in a fancy house. We did not have central air. There was only one bathroom for ten people. Growing up, I didn’t know any different. We had wood heat, which meant we had to cut wood in the winter to keep warm. 

I was taught to respect your elders. Mind your manners. Dad’s favorite phrase when we went visiting was “You are to be seen-not heard! Chew your food with your mouth closed.” My siblings and I knew that if we misbehaved at someone’s home we would get a spanking when we got home. 

I truly love the country life I had and still having now. It’s a simple life and I love it!

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie 8)


Proud To Be A Farmer’s Daughter

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 11:20 AM  

Good Morning!!

I just want to say that I am proud to be a farmer’s daughter. There was ALWAYS something to do! Chores seemed endless. In the summer, there was hay to bale and wheat to combine. There was straw to bale. In the early mornings of summer, we picked corn to can or freeze for the winter. Cutting corn off cobs was not much fun but it was necessary. In the late summer, there were potatoes to dig up. We also had carrots. I loved eating carrots right out of the ground. 

Since I come from a large family, going to the store for vegetables was unheard of. What we did not have in our garden, Grandma Helen had in hers. (That’s a whole new blog for another day.) 

We had cows and calves to take care of. Before winter hit, we would chase the cows in under the barn porch. Naturally, being cows, they were stubborn and did not always want to go where they were supposed to. It seemed like the task always took way too long than it needed to take. We used the straw to bed down the cows. Manure had to be hauled. 

We also had pigs. Every morning before school, those pigs had to be fed. Feeding them in the early dawn was not my cup of tea. Coyotes could be heard up in the hills behind the house. An owl would hoot every now and then. The only light we had was the barn light. Turning on that light threw shadows everywhere. Since I have a vivid imagination, I freaked out. It’s not fun chasing animals in the dark, either. My siblings and I came home one night from choir practice to find the hogs out. We grabbed flashlights and located them all.

Chores may have been never ending but we had our good times, too. Every Thursday, we piled into Elvin’s car and drive into Augusta. We were allowed to visit the bookmobile. I loved searching through the mystery selection for Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I thought I was in Heaven! We all received a quarter for candy. To make such a decision as what candy to buy was hard! Once in awhile, Dad took us to A&W in Washington to buy rootbeer and ice cream. We were not allowed to get out of the truck. Only Mom was the one who got out. Guess Mom and Dad thought we would misbehave. Boy, driving into Washington and crossing that bridge was a huge deal for us.

Since we could not afford to have our own television, we spent our Saturday nights at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. We could not miss Hee-Haw or Lawrence Welk! Knowing Grandpa loved his sweets, we could always depend on getting ice cream. 

It was hard growing up on a farm but I still have some great memories of fun. We played outside until dark. Mom turned on the backlight and we played some more. Lightning bugs were sure fun to play with. 

We may not have had much but what we did have was plenty. 

Have a super wonderful day! 

Laurie 8)


Giving Thanks to God :)

Posted on August 3, 2014 at 11:30 AM  

Good morning!!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning! I am sitting outdoors and I just heard church bells in the distance.

I don’t know about you but I don’t give God credit very often for the blessings in my life. I am ashamed of myself for that. He has given me so very much. My children are healthy. I have an awesome handsome grandson. I have an amazing husband. I’m blessed to have my mama yet. She will be 76 and still going strong. I have a wonderful extended family and friends.

I don’t know why I rush through the day. I have no one to impress. Alex takes me as I am and I’d like to think God does too. I’m healthy and doing well. I am happily married. I am fulfilling a life long dream of mine- to become a writer. 

Thank you, God, for my husband, my children, my mother and my health. I may not have everything I want but I do have everything I need.

So stop rushing. Smell the flowers. Enjoy the sunshine. Sing, laugh and be happy. Above all, give thanks to God!

Hope you have a super wonderful day! 

Laurie 8)


Happy Birthday to Adele!

Posted on July 21, 2014 at 11:35 AM  

Good Morning!

It’s only 10:30 in the morning and I have accomplished alot already. For one thing, I was awake about 8 am!! Had my coffee, so Im good to go until I need my tea. :)  Laundry is on the line drying. I love hanging clothes out on the line. I am catching up on my homework. I have an assignment due Wednesday night, as usual. This week we are to write a script for a graphic novel (comic). I will be writing one on a dragon that just wants to be friends with the village people.

Right now I am sitting outside watching Alex clean the chicken coop. A couple of chickens have been getting out during the night. He is trying to fix the coop so they stay put! Yes, they are free range during most of the day. We lock them up at night. When either Alex or I walk outside, the chickens run up to us looking for food. Silly chickens!

I have called my beautiful daughter, Adele, too. Today is her 21st birthday! How dare she grow up!

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie 8)


In My “Office”

Posted on July 20, 2014 at 12:25 AM  

Good morning, Everyone!

What another beautiful day!! It’s mid July and it is absolutely beautiful out here. It’s been nice having the windows open every day. The birds are singing. The chickens were out for a couple of hours. Someone is baling hay the “old fashion” way—using a square baler—not a round baler. Listening to the baler brings back so many memories for me. My siblings and I and my uncle—sometimes my dad—put up hundreds of square bales every summer. Alfalfa, grass, red clover, straw were some of the kinds we put up. Elvin, my uncle, would not let us help him put up red clover hay. He said it was too itchy and not the place for us girls. It was ALWAYS a blast to put up hay with Elvin. He always drove the tractor while myself and two of my sisters were on the wagon. He’d always laugh and make baling hay fun! Thanks for the memories, Unkie (Elvin). I miss you so much daily!!

Today is Saturday and I am caught up with homework. It’s truly strange not to have to worry about homework. I might start writing my script for the animation class I am in this month. The script seems to be an easy one to write.

I baked homemade cinnamon roll for my hubby. I love to bake! I have always said that I would bake anything anyone asks me to, even if I do not like the food myself. I don’t like pie but I make a mean cherry pie. I like to think I have the knack to whip up meringue–by hand. Grandma Helen used to say that it is all in the wrist. I miss you, Grandma, daily!

Gosh, I LOVE sitting outside!!

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie 8)



Posted on July 11, 2014 at 1:35 PM  

Good Afternoon!

Guess where I’m at! That’s right!! Outside again! I’d love for summer to stay this nice for the rest of the time. There is a nice breeze. The chickens have been out and about this morning. I was even out of bed early this morning. :) I know!! I was shocked, too!! Haha! 

My wonderful husband cleaned off the concrete where I think the previous owners had a dog run. I’m sitting under the trees supposed to be doing my homework. I am using Grandma Helen’s card table with my laptop sitting on it. This table has been around for a long time–since i was a youngin :)

My homework consists of rating my peers posts on their story ideas. I’m not sure how many peers there are but I hate making comments on someone else’s work. It makes me nervous. I am learning about animation history and comics. This is something I don’t necessarily want to do, but if I want my diploma, I will do it and to the best of my ability. After all, I am a senior! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! YAY!

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie 8)


Want to apologize

Posted on July 7, 2014 at 12:50 AM  

Hello Everyone,

I want to apologize for not keeping up with my blog. I have not been feeling very well lately. I do believe I am on the mend, though. The other day I had a mammogram done. It had been almost three years since having one. Shame on me. It’s very important to have those done. Yes, it is painful but it is worth the hassle. I had mine done by digital camera. I have been having painful and itchy breasts. I had the mammogram done last Thursday. Should be getting a letter in the mail stating everything is fine. 

Do not be afraid to get your breasts squished or smashed. It’s better for you than getting cancer. 

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie 8)


Happy Anniversary!

Posted on June 30, 2014 at 2:20 PM  

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was our first year wedding anniversary. I love being married to my best friend. The past year has been full of happy experiences. Alex and I have been through alot and have been to many different places. Twenty-nine more years to go, God willing.

To my husband, my lover, my best friend: This past year has been quite the experience. You are my rock, my solid ground. My love grows deeper each day. I am so happy that you came into my life.

Love you more than I can express ❤

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie 8)


Grandma Helen

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM  

Good morning!

I have someone I want to tell you about. Her name was Helen Marie Engelage Osthoff. She was my grandma, my dad’s mom. She was a farm wife. Up at dawn and worked hard all day long. She cooked, baked, cleaned, took care of a huge graden, did laundry and helped in the hay field when necessary. She could sew a shirt for Grandpa Shorty in one day. She took care of the chickens, too. 

I loved spending my summers at her house. Hearing the rooster crow in the mornings. Falling asleep to noise of a whipperwill. During the night hearing coyotes run behind the house sending chills up and down my spine.

Grandma Helen taught me how to sew. Actually, she taught my sisters, too. Those were fun times. The first time I sewed on a button, I did it wrong. Instead of going through the button holes, I sewed on the outer side of the button. Grandma saw what I had done and she laughed. 

She has been gone a number of years now but I miss our times together. 

Have a super day!

Laurie 8)


A Memory

Posted on June 14, 2014 at 5:55 PM  

Hello Everyone!

I have been thinking about my great-grandmother alot lately. Her name was Hilda Marie Engelage. Her husband was Herman Engelage. I don’t remember him because he died many years before I came along. When we (Grandma Helen, Grandpa Shorty, Elvin, Dad and Mom and my siblings went to visit Grandma Hilda, she used to tell us stories about her life when she was a young girl. I was at the age where it didn’t interest me to listen. Now that I am much older, I regret not listening to her. She grew up with horse and buggy and women always wore long dresses. When Grandma Hilda died, she was 101 years old. At the time, I did not understand why Grandma Helen was crying. I thought Grandma Hilda was just another person who had passed away. I did not realize she had been someone’s mother.

Grandma Hilda spoke with a soft, quiet tone. I had a hard time hearing her. She had beautiful white hair that she always wore in a bun. There is only one time that I saw her with her hair down. It flowed all the way down her back. She had been brushing her hair. Another memory I have of her is sitting by an open window. It did not matter what time of the year it was. It may have been only ten minutes but it was the first thing she did every morning. It was her time for fresh air and talking with God.

Have a wonderful day!

Laurie 8)



Posted on June 11, 2014 at 2:20 PM  

Hello Everyone!

How many times do memories come flooding back to you? I can be something and suddenly a memory of someone will come to mind. Grandpa Shorty is on my mind t oday. He’s been gone nearly 27 years. Time sure moves on.

Anyway, he was a big man, 6’4″, weighing 300 lbs. of solid muscle. He hands were huge and strong but gentle. He used to rub my shoulders when I would get  headache. He dug down deep into the shoulder blades. It felt so good, I cried. Grandma Helen usually yelled at him for making me cry. 

Grandpa Shorty lived and worked on a farm. He had cattle, pigs and chickens. I loved staying at his house during the summer. When he raked hay, I rode on the tractor with him. We sang songs and laughed and talked. It was great! I loved spending time with him. He taught my sisters and me how to waltz and polka. Grandpa loved music. When we were all at his house on a Sunday afternoon, he put records on and he would dance with Grandma Helen. She was only about 5′ 7″, a bit shorter than Grandpa. He wrapped his sturdy strong arms around her and off they went, round and round the living room floor. Us girls heard her say in a loud whisper, Shorty, I can’t breathe. You’re holding me too tight! 

Grandpa and Grandma had such a love for each other. If they argued about anything, they didn’t do it in front of us kids. When Grandma told Grandpa do to something, he did it. 

I miss you, Grandpa Shorty, very much!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Laurie 8)



Posted on May 23, 2014 at 2:50 PM  

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining. There are a few clouds in the sky. Birds are singing and of course, the bugs are pestering me! Oh well, they’re just bugs. Haha! Alex is cutting the yard. I love the gentle breeze. 

I’m sitting in the yard listening to all the different noises around me. There’s highway noise, birds singing, the noise of the lawn mower and in the distance, I can hear a rooster. Joys of living in the country. The trees in the yard remind me of the trees in my grandparents’ yard. I think those were oak trees, though. These trees in our yard are silver maple. I am enjoying the shade they are providing for me. 

As I look at these beautiful huge trees, a memory comes to mind. It’s about my grandpa. After lunch or after supper, Grandpa Shorty would lay on the hard ground and take a nap. He used to tell me that was his way of relaxing. What amazed me the most was that the bugs never seemed to bother Grandpa. There are alot of memories I have of Grandpa. Perhaps one day, I will tell you more about him. 

Have a wonderful day!

Laurie 8)


Four Leaf Clover

Posted on May 17, 2014 at 4:05 PM  

Who looks for four leaf clovers? Me! I do! Grandpa Shorty used to tell me that I had gift of finding them. He said I got the gift of Grandma Helen. She could find a single four leaf clover in amongst regular clovers without even having to really look. 

This morning, I was walking around the yard with Alex. We were looking at the plants that were popping up everywhere. I just looked down and there in front of me was a four leaf clover. I know you are supposed to make a wish before picking it, but I did not really have anything to wish for. I picked it and now it is between my business cards. Maybe it will bring me good luck with my writing.

Have a wonderful day!

Laurie 8)



Posted on May 16, 2014 at 12:05 AM  

   At my age, who would have thought I would be in school? I’m 51 with nine adult children and one grandson.  When I met my second husband, he convinced me to go after my dream.  Over a year and a half ago, I enrolled in Creative Writing for Entertainment.  At the end of 2014, I will have a Bachlor’s of Fine Arts in writing.  YAY! I am almost done.  

   Why am I in school at my age?  Great question.  My baby sister died from a rare type ofcancer when she was 11 years old.  All the treatments and surgeries she went through, she never complained once.  She was and still is today a positive influence in my life.  I look up to Heaven and we chat.  She still tells me I can do anything I set my mind to.  So, as my way to honor her, I want to write her life story.  She’s been gone nearly 26 years.  I still miss her greatly.  I love you, Mindy Jo!

   I have always enjoyed writing.  I have kept journals since grade school.  Raising five children and spending time with my gandson, has inspired me to write children’s books.  

Have a great day! 8)


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