Silly Me!

Good morning!

I am loving this weather! I can’t believe we are already into September. I love Autumn! Leaves change color and the weather cools off. It’s nice having the windows open. I love the fresh air in the house!

Has anyone ever popped your shoulder out of place? I have. It happened last night while trying to eat dinner. I was holding my plate with my left hand. I reached across with my right hand to grab my glass. Next thing I know I am in a horrific pain! I felt sick to my stomach and I truly thought I was going to pass out. I am grateful that Alex was there to help me. Somehow, we managed to get my arm back in place. Poor Alex thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack. He took me to the emergency room in Macon. I had three x-rays taken. The doctor was surprised that Alex and I were able to get the arm back in place. Today, my arm is a bit tender. I just hope it never happens again!

Hope you all have a super wonderful day! God bless!



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