My Grandparents’ Home

My dream home would have been my grandparent’s home. If I could go anywhere right now, I’d go there. It was an old two story farmhouse. There were steps to take you up on the porch. Through the front door, was a long hall. It was long enough to slip and slide on with just wearing socks. To the left was a huge living room with light brown panel walls, ten foot ceiling and wood floor. We watched many Lawrence Welk shows in the living room. Grandpa loved to dance. Every Sunday afternoon, he would play an album of waltzes. He taught me and my sisters how to waltz. It was a pleasure to watch Grandpa and Grandma twirl around the living room floor waltzing.

To the right of the hall was what Grandma called the front room. We were never allowed in that room unless company came visiting. This room had a ten foot ceiling, too. The walls were also paneled. The floor was wood. A single window hung on one wall. Grandma used this room to make her quilts.

Walk through the doorway opposite the one you walked through before would have been the master bedroom. The walls were painted and the ceiling was not as high as the front room. There were two windows and a door that led outdoors. Off the master bedroom was the Blue room because the walls were blue. The floor was tile. There was a large window on one wall. Continue through the blue room, there was a short hallway. To the right was the bathroom. There was one window but to open it, one had to move the plants out of the way. The floor was tile. There were two mirrors opposite each other because Grandma fixed her hair in the bathroom.

Going out of the bathroom, turn right and there sat the telephone in its special little box out of the way. At the end of the short hallway is the kitchen. It is massive. The floor was tile and the walls were painted. There was a window above the sink. The ceiling was about eight feet high. In the middle of the room sat a long wooden table. The kitchen always smelled of baked goods. Grandma loved to bake breads, pies and cookies. Her stove was not that huge, though.

There was a second story with three large bedrooms. The walls in each room had bead board on them. The middle bedroom had two windows. The outer bedrooms had three windows. One bedroom was full of stuff and we were not allowed in that room. The other bedroom was my uncle’s room. The view from my uncle’s bedroom was of the barnyard.

The basement was concrete. One part of the basement was as long as the house from end to end. There was a doorway that led into the furnace room. Grandpa and Grandma heated their house with wood. It was usually so warm in the house during the winter that a person could wear shorts. I loved the wood smoke smell in the house. Off the furnace room was a wine cellar or a root cellar. Grandma kept her canning jars in there. The entire room was brick with a curved ceiling.

I have many, many memories of my grandparent’s home. Thank you for stopping by.

Laurie Jackson


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