Character Building Experience

Being in a new area, my husband and I have met a few people in our neighborhood. One gentleman has stood out, though. Chet is an 80 year old man that I met while my husband and I were in our yard. His yard runs into our yard with no fence in between. He strolled up to us and said howdy, introduced himself and welcomed us to the area.  If we needed anything to just let him know. He became very friendly and talkative. My husband, Alex, and I found out that Chet was an electrician by trade. He still does electrical work six hours a day a couple of times a week.

He told me his age and that he had had a heart attack a few months back. Since then, he has learned to love life and to appreciate the small things. Since that day of meeting Chet, I have noticed that he is always doing something for someone. He had a huge garden this year. He and his wife offered us tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and green beans.

We didn’t have a lawn mower when we first moved here. Chet and his wife cut our yard for us. He said he was just being neighborly and happy to help us out. I see him every now and then on his lawn mower going down the street. We have chickens that are free range. He told us not to worry about chasing the chickens out of his yard. He wants them to eat the bugs.

Chet has touched my life and has taught me to appreciate life.


2 thoughts on “Character Building Experience

  1. You found yourself a great neighbor! I agree with your first comment. Knowing more about what he looks like would add richness to this character portrait. Good job, though. I’d like to live next to Chet!


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