Give and Take

She came bouncing into the kitchen and said, “Good morning, Mom!”

With a coffee cup in her hand, Mom turns toward her daughter. The air in her throat catches.
“Umm, why aren’t you dressed for school, Addie?”

The smile instantly left Addie’s face. “I am dressed!” she said.

“Nope! Nope! No, you’re not! No daughter of mine is wearing that short skirt outside this house”, said Mom.


“But, Mom, nothing! Go change!”

“Short skirts are in! All the girls wear them!” Addie stomped her foot.

“I’m pretty sure not all girls wear them. Besides, those girls are not my daughter. I don’t mind you wearing a skirt. It just has to be one with more length to it. Go, change, now.”

“Yes, Mom.” Addie said as she walked out the kitchen.

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Laurie Jackson


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