Make It Count – Letter To Mindy

Dear Mindy,

You are my hero, my inspiration. You, my sweet sister, touched my heart, my life in a way no one else can. Even after the removal of an eye, chemotherapy and radiation, you smiled through it all. Not once did you complain about anything! Watching you be so positive and optimistic taught me so much – even today.

I can still see your beautiful smile and beautiful bald head. You laughed through it all. It’s hard to believe you have been gone 26 years now. It seems like only yesterday. I can feel you around me as I write this.

I wanted to tell you that I can see you in my own daughter. Some of the things she does (like spell) is the way you used to do it. I know you would have loved Adele. The two of you would have been two peas in a pod. Elmer loved you, too. He misses you.

I miss you like crazy! Here’s to wanting more time with you.

I love you ❤

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