To Whom It May Concern:

Dearest Spare Tire:

Why? Why!? WHY!!! do you continue to hang on? Can’t you see how much I hate you?? Yet, every morning, there you are, still hanging on. I just don’t get it! I have tried to walk you off. I’ve quit drinking dark soda. My husband cooks healthy meals. I do not eat junk food. Explain to me why you continue to just sit around my waist. How dare you?? I work in the yard. I chase the chickens around the yard. I walk around the yard while I try to get my writing juices flowing.

When Alex and I first moved here a year ago, you slimmed down some. You were just trying to trick me into thinking I had lost you. Well played, spare tire! Well played. Now that Fall has arrived and the weather changing, you think you’re going to work your magic and become thicker. I will show you!

You may think that you will win this battle, but you are so mistaken. I will win the war!! Why? Because we have the WII. I may not be able to go outdoors much during the next couple of months but I can turn on the WII. So there, Spare Tire, take that!!

Hope your day is full of sunshine and blessings!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

Please stop by and visit my website. I have stories on there you may be interested in. Thanks 🙂

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