Big Day Ahead – Speech

I was in the eighth grade. In order to graduate from middle school to high school, I had to take a communications class. It was part of the English class credit. When Mr. Cheeks, (truly was his name) told the class that we had to give speeches, my heart sank. I don’t know what I thought communications meant but certainly not standing in front of the class and TALK! I am not one to talk a whole lot. I’d rather just sit and watch. But, nooooo, Mr. Cheeks said we all had to have a turn. How nice of him…

The night before I had to give my speech, I practiced in front of a mirror. I cried myself to sleep because I was so nervous.  The day of the speech, before I left for school, Mom gave me tons of encouragement and hugs. I had butterflies in my tummy. I took deep breaths when it was my turn to talk. I said a silent prayer. Yeah, those were the longest three minutes EVER! I was thankful that was over. Nope, I did not do very well. My speech was given in about one minute–was told I talked to fast. Go figure. To this day, I have learned that nothing really calms me down until AFTER the BIG DAY is over. By the way, I still don’t like to talk in front of people.

Hope your day is full of sunshine and blessings!

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Laurie Jackson 🙂

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