Continuation of Third Time’s The Charm

This is a continuation of Third Time’s the Charm. In the last blog, I said something about a letter I had found in the bottom of the box.

It was a letter that I wrote to my sister after her passing. I had written that I miss her so much. I also told her that my son, Elmer, missed her like crazy. He was constantly asking where she was. (He was two years old when she passed.) In the letter, I was also thanking her for touching my life the way she did (and still does). I thanked her for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. I told her that I try to stay positive the way she used to be. (Even in her pain, she smiled.)

I had asked if she was enjoying her Barbie doll house and her Barbie car in Heaven. (Her favorite pastime was playing with her Barbies.) I asked her, too, if she was enjoying her healthy life and having fun with God.

I apologize for the “tease”. I did not realize I had done that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Laurie Jackson šŸ™‚

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