Welcome, Stranger

Alex and I have lived here in this town for a year now. It’s a small rural country town. (292 population). One thing strange I noticed was the pronunciation of the name— CALLAO. The natives pronounce it CALLEO. Okay, so change the spelling. We did not know how to say the name, so when we said it wrong, people were like Huh? Where’s that place?

The neighbors start putting Christmas decorations up the first weekend in October every year. At first, I thought how weird. What about Halloween or Thanksgiving? I found out he does this because his light display takes until Thanksgiving to set up everything. It is beautiful display. There are a ton of people who come to visit and see the lights.

We moved here so that I would have a quiet place to write. And Alex wanted acreage. For the most part, it’s pretty quiet. There is a post office, an elementary school, a few churches, a city hall and Callao has its own police officer.

Another strange thing are the ordinances. There’s at least 500 ordinances. No, I have not read them.

When Alex and I tell anyone where we live, the remark is usually, “Ohhh, so YOU’RE the ones who bought that place.” Their eyebrows go up.

The people we have met are really nice. Dogs bark, cats meow, and trains rumble by.

So, this is our “strange” little country town. I believe Alex and I fit right in.

Hope your day is full of blessings and sunshine!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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