One-Way Street

If I were given a time machine, I would definitely have to say I’d go back. These days are flying by way too quickly the way it is. I’ll be in the future before I know it.

If I had the chance to go back, I’d want to spend more time with certain family members.

Great-Grandma Hilda-I promise I would listen to your memories of your childhood this time. You grew up riding in horse drawn carriages. I think that’s pretty cool.

Aunt Teckla-you were always such a blast to be around. I enjoyed your humor a great deal. I loved listening to your silly stories.

Grandpa Shorty-to have one more trip around the hay field singing with you and telling jokes.

Grandma Helen-Show me again how to cut out a pattern. Show me again how to make that quilt. I promise I’ll pay attention.

Elvin-to be able to see that smile and hear your laughter one more time. Having fun baling hay with you.

Mindy-my hero, my inspiration, to be able to hold your hand, hear your giggle, watch you play with your Barbie dolls. Just to be able to sit and talk with you would be so awesome.

I miss each and every one of you. Each one of you has touched my life in wonderful ways. There are many memories in my heart of each of you.

Enjoy each day to the fullest. Life is so short.

May your day be full of sunshine and blessings!

Laurie Jackson 🙂


One thought on “One-Way Street

  1. Yes, I’d go back and visit my step-grandfather if I could be the age I am now. I’d ask him all the questions I never thought to ask him and make him feel important…visible. He deserved that and never got that.


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