Don’t Stop the Rockin’

Well, let me tell you about my kiddos. I have four sons and one beautiful daughter from a previous marriage. I have two beautiful stepdaughters from this marriage.

My son, Elmer, lives in Illinois with his partner, Joshua. Yes, I have a gay son. I am so proud of him. I love him so much. The night he told me he was gay, he thought I was going to toss him out on his ear. I told him no way. You’re my son. You’re not going anywhere but maybe to bed. Before he told me, I saw his grades go down. He was depressed all the time. I was actually scared to go into his bedroom because I was afraid he may have hurt himself. I have no problem with my child being gay. To be honest, I would not want him to be straight. He wouldn’t be himself. He was a teenager when he came out. He asked me why did he have to be gay. I wrapped my arms around him so tight and told him because that is the way God created you. He created you this way for a reason. Elmer is in his twenties now and I can see that he is happy. Joshua and Elmer make an awesome couple. They are so cute together.

My second son, Kyle, has given me a precious grandson, James. Kyle had a drug problem but since James came into his life, he straightened himself out. There were many nights I did not know where my son was. Yes, Kyle and I have literally been to Hell and back. I thank God everyday that James came along when he did. Since Kyle got straightened up, he and I have a strong, wonderful relationship. He is a terrific dad to James.

My third son, Casey, is in the Army Reserves. He was right out of high school when he went off to boot camp. Those months he was gone, tore me up. I could not call him and talk to him. He was finally able to write letters. Receiving letters from him was like a child with a new toy. It was nice to be able to drive to Oklahoma for his graduation. It was wonderful to hug him again. Thank God! he has not been deployed anywhere.

My fourth son, Jesse, is the quiet type. He is so smart and intelligent. His nickname in grade school used to be DATA because he knew so much. He was bored with reading at the grade level he was in. So the teachers let him go to the next class to get  higher reading level. He did the same thing with math. One day, he had a horrible headache and the second grade teacher let him sleep in a corner of her classroom.  I was home so I don’t know why they did not call me.

My beautiful daughter, Adele, just turned 21. Yes, she is the baby. She was a tomboy growing up. Always trying to keep up with her brothers. I think it’s so cool the way her brothers are so protective of her. Her kindergarten teacher once told me that she always looked forward to seeing Adele. She called Adele her social butterfly. No matter what, Adele always had a smile for everyone.

My beautiful stepdaughters are Tabitha and Krystle. Tabitha lives in Canada. She has traveled here twice now. She and I pick on her dad when she visits. Krystle lives in another state with her twins.

I love all my children and grandson so much. They have each touched my life. I am a blessed mom.

Hope your day is full of sunshine and laughter!

Laurie Jackson 🙂


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