Sweeping Motions

As I sit here typing this, I slowly look around the house. It’s just Alexander (hubby), myself, and two pets. I’m thinking how on earth can two people be so messy. We are by no means slobs or lazy. The sink is always full of dishes. Yes, we have a dishwasher. Our bed rarely gets made anymore. Laundry piles up.

My desk has to be clean so that I can spread out my notes. If I write outside, there is usually a pillow on the desk so that our dog can look out the window. Alexander’s desk is messy. Piles of papers, the printer, a few notebooks sit on his desk.

Alexander is an artist. He loves to draw. I enjoy watching him create art. He’s working on drawing the art for the children’s story I’ve been working on. We spend as much time together as possible. We are not sloppy people. We just get lost in our own little world most days. I like to believe we have our priorities in the right  place.

Have yourself a day full of sunshine!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

Please feel free to visit my website. 🙂


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