Avant Garde

Umm—no! Ever hear the phrase “Lived under a rock” or “crawled out from under a rock”? That’s me. I lived under a rock down in a valley on a farm.
I seriously did not know what a cellphone was until one day when my oldest son came home from school and informed me he was getting one. A cellphone; what in the world was that? He laughed at me. Oh well. I am still probably way behind the times. Today, we (my husband and I) share one have a plain Jane cellphone. It gets the necessary job done. To be honest, I do not want an iPhone 5, 6, or whatever one is out now.

I was rather upset, though, when CD’s were created. I had just bought a case full of 8-track tapes for my car! Of course, the next vehicle I had no longer had an 8-track tape deck! I had hundreds of cassette tapes, as well.

When I try talking with my kids about music, it’s usually so much fun. If I ask them if they know a particular band, they’ll go “Who?” I’ll do the same thing to them.

It’s okay if I am not familiar with the newest phone or the newest band. I’ll be alright.

Hope your day is full of sunshine!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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