Reverse Shot

I was six years old and in kindergarten. We were at school and it had been raining almost all day. Kathy, a classmate, was upset because of the weather.

“Laurie, I’m scared.” Between sniffles and tears, I tried to tell Laurie how I felt. I rubbed my eyes trying to make the tears from rolling down my cheeks.

“Kathy, it will be okay. The rain will stop,” Laurie told me. She hugged me so tight. It felt good to be hugged like that. The sky was black and thunder clapped. Tears started up all over again. I looked at Laurie and she hugged me again. Mr. Duncan, our teacher, came over to us.

“What seems to be the problem, girls?”

“Kathy is scared because of the rain, Mr. Duncan.”

He turned to me and asked, “Why are you scared, Kathy? It’s just rain.”

“Mr. Duncan, my daddy won’t be able to get me in the rain,” I sobbed.

” I’m sure your daddy will be okay when he comes to get you. Would you feel better if Laurie stayed close to you the rest of the day?

“Yes, Mr. Duncan, yes!” I said.

Laurie stayed close to me the rest of the morning. She gave nice hugs. Mr. Duncan was right. My daddy was okay.

Thanks for stopping by!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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