Second-Hand Story

My second son was in the third grade when one day he came home with a note from the teacher. She wanted to speak to me about my son. Upon asking him if he knew what was going on, he acted like he didn’t know. His reply was something about being accused of cutting some girl’s hair in class. He promised me he would not do such a thing. I knew the day my son was born, he was going to be mischievous.

The next day, I went to see his teacher. She smiled and told me what happened the day before. She pointed out where my son’s desk was and where the girl’s desk was. She explained to me that my son had reached across the desks and started cutting the girl’s hair. Now, I know my son is far from perfect but surely he wouldn’t do something like this! I mentioned to the teacher that my son said he didn’t do it. After looking at the way the desks were, there was no way anyone else could have cut the girl’s hair. The teacher suggested that we just let my son’s conscience kick in. She said eventually he will admit to what he had done. I agreed and left.

That afternoon, my son came home and wrapped his skinny little arms around me and said he was sorry for lying. I asked him what he was talking about. He admitted that he had cut the girl’s hair out of sheer boredom. He had the need to destroy something so he had grabbed his scissors and cut hair. He also told me that he did not like the guilty feeling.
May you feel warmth from the sunshine on your face!

Laurie Jackson šŸ™‚


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