Bad Signal

The other day I came home to find that I had a message on the machine. I pushed the play button only to find that the message was hard to understand. I played the message a couple of times to try to figure out what the person was saying. I thought the voice sounded like my daughter. I wasn’t sure, though. We do not have Caller ID. After getting fed up with the message, I decided to just let it be. If it was really important, I thought perhaps the person would call again.

Sure enough! The phone rang later in the day. Come to find out, it had been my daughter. She wanted to tell me that she was pregnant. She had known for months but was ashamed to tell me. She’s not married. We had a good long heart to heart conversation. She felt much better in the end. She had just been too nervous to say anything. I told her that I loved her and everything will be okay. As I hung up the phone, I just smiled.

(This story is completely fictional.)

Hope your day is full of warmth and blessings!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bad Signal

  1. I remember working up the nerve to tell my parents I was moving when I turned 18. I had already rented the apartment and transferred my job. Before I said anything, my dad hugged me and said, “If you like girls, I’ll still love you. If you’re pregnant, I’ll still love you. If you killed someone, I’ll still love you. But I’m going to turn you in for that.” It took a lot of pressure off me! Parents are great – and that’s non-fiction 😉


    • Thanks for the comment! My oldest son was scared to tell me that he was gay. I knew he was because of the signs. When he finally told me, I hugged him so hard and said I still loved him. He was afraid I was going to kick him out. No way! He’s my son! Parents are great but so are our children! 🙂

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