Homemade Gifts Are So Precious

LOVE receiving homemade gifts. Those kinds of gifts mean so much more to me than a store bought gift. Over the years, I have received many homemade gifts, especially from my kiddos. Little wrapped boxes that has a note attached reading something like all my love for you Mom is in here. Many drawings of many different things have been given to me. My daughter (She’s 21 now.) made me a wall hanging made out of different pasta shapes when she was in grade school. It still hangs in my kitchen today.

On our first date, (He’s my husband now.) Alex gave me a drawing of a hummingbird. Last Christmas, he gave me a bear claw made out of dough. He wrote all my kids (from another marriage) birth dates on it with little bear claws. It hangs in my office. He has drawn me roses, too.

Homemade or hand made gifts have a bigger meaning to me than a store bought gift because someone actually took the time to make something for me. Those gifts are so precious to me.

Hope your day is full of hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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