Mystery Box

No, I would not open the mystery box. Over the years, I have received wrapped gift boxes from my children. There was a note attached that read something like this: The love I have for you, Mom, is inside this box. So, I have all those boxes still unopened. I know the love my children have for me is larger than any box.

I enjoy having a little mystery in my life.

Enjoy the day!

Laurie Jackson

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My Hero – My Husband

There are many people in my life that are my heroes. Today, I choose my husband. Why? Well, he has encouraged me beyond belief to follow my one dream. Without him, I do not think that I would have went back to school, much less completed all the courses. He has held me up each and every time I felt like quitting. Thanks to my husband, I did not quit. I completed school with a degree.

Many times he has caught me when I have fallen. He has held me in the worst of times and in the best of times. I love him more than words can say!

Thank you, Alex, for coming into my life! Thank God I met you!

May your day be filled with tons of blessings!

Laurie Jackson

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Run!! Hide!!!

I’m baaack!!!! Oh no! That crazy Jackson woman is back! Run! Hide! Scream!!!

Okay, calm down! I promise I won’t hurt anyone. I had a much needed break from blogging. I will slowly start blogging again in the new year. Christmas has come and gone. New Year’s Day is right around the corner. I will not be sorry to see the holidays gone.

Alex and I went to my mother’s Christmas Eve day. We were able to see most of our kids. Elmer was finally able to come down after missing for three years. James was able to come also. He is such a goofy silly little man. I think everyone had a great time. Alex and I decided to drive back home that night. It took us about two plus hours to get home. Thank God the weather was great. The roads were pretty much empty.

Well, Christmas Day afternoon/night I had a major melt down. I don’t know where the tears came from but they would not stop. I don’t know if I was missing our kids or what. Or if it was the situation with my kids and their dad. Perhaps I’ve been feeling depressed lately because my meds have been adjusted. I am trying to cope. I know that writing helps me to express how I am feeling. I pray daily to God to please help me and to show how to deal with depression.

One thing I have learned is that depression doesn’t play nice. I can be happy and jolly one minute and bam! Suddenly, I just want to cry and crawl into bed and stay there.

Okay! Enough of that subject!

May your day be filled with sunshine and blessings!

Laurie Jackson

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Taking A Break

I realize I have not blogged in a few days. I do apologize for that. I am taking a break from blogging until after Christmas. I have been busy making gifts for my husband and children. I also have a cold and feeling really yucky.

I promise to do much better in a week and into the new year.

Until next time, thank you for reading my blogs.

May your day be filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Laurie Jackson

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Kick The Bucket

Places I won’t visit? I won’t visit any place outside the US. I have no desire to be inside an airplane for that many hours. I get claustrophobic. I won’t visit any place that has a volcano. If it decided to erupt, I probably could not outrun it.

I refuse to bungee jump but I would like to try zip lining. Weird, right? I also won’t rock climb or scale the side of a mountain. I won’t sky dive or anything to do with jumping out of a plane. The thought of planting myself into the ground makes me nervous. I will not have pigs ever again in my life. I had my fill of taking care of pigs while growing up.

Books I won’t read? Horror stories. I was scared as a child and I refuse to read those sorts of stories. I don’t really care to read sickening romance stories.

May your day be filled with sunshine.

Laurie Jackson

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Sweet Little Lies

Growing up, I was taught to never lie. Honesty is always the best policy. I do not know how many times I was told this while growing up. There were always consequences when I got caught in a lie.

Is it okay to tell a little white lie? It truly depends on the situation. If you are wanting to surprise someone, then yes, it’s okay. If someone asks you on how they look and you don’t like their appearance, don’t hurt their feelings. That’s just rude.

For myself, I always try to be honest. I won’t purposely hurt anyone’s feelings.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine.

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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Ready, Set, Done—Dentist

Once again we have the opportunity to write for ten minutes about anything. I like these kinds of blogs.

The other day (Monday) I went to the dentist. Now, even though I am an adult, I am still skittish going to have my teeth checked. Monday was my third time with having this particular tooth checked. This appointment was for finally getting rid of this tooth. I have wanted to save this tooth. I couldn’t afford to get a root canal done. So, I finally agreed to just get the tooth pulled. After having an x-ray done, I found out there was an infection at the end of the root of the tooth. Now, I am on an antibiotic.

I’m still trying to get used to the gaping hole in my mouth. I am learning to chew on the other side of my mouth, too. I have become the slowest eater ever. 🙂

Why am I scared of dentists? When I was younger, I watched my older brother come out of the dentist office in tears. Since then, I have been nervous to go. I do have to admit, my experiences with dentists have improved greatly. The dentist I went to on Monday was exceptional! I had a reaction to the freezing he used on my mouth. I felt ill. Anyway, his assistant took amazing care of me.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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All Or Nothing

I have everything that I could possibly want. There is nothing that I need except maybe a better financial situation.

I have a wonderful, loving husband. My kiddos still talk with me. I have a fun-loving, crazy grandson. I have my health. I am blessed that my mom is still here with us. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my tummy. (Great! I sound just like my dad did.)

The one goal I did want has been successfully achieved. I recently graduated from a university with a BFA in writing. I LOVE to write. Wait, wait a minute. Another goal that I am trying to complete is my sister’s story and her battle with cancer.

So, my husband and I work with what we have. We may not have much but we have each other. That’s all I need and want. (And, of course, the kiddos coming to see us.)

May your day be filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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Feeling Fancy

If I was given funds to do things that I could not regularly afford…hmm…

First, before anything else, I would rent a limousine. Or better yet, a private jet and buzz on down to Mom’s. Then, we would fly over her hundreds of acreage. I am scared of heights. Being inside a jet would be great. It would be interesting to look from above just to see what it’s like.

I would treat myself, Mom and my daughters to a spa treatment. Since I have never experienced a spa treatment before, I’m not sure what is involved. I have never had a professional massage. I’m sure one would feel great. I’d like to find out what a mud bath feels like.

After the spa treatment, we would go to a fancy restaurant. The fanciest restaurant I’ve been to is a steak house, and Olive Garden. Neither place impressed me. Guess I’ll stay with places like Wendy’s and Pizza Hut.

As for the professional massage, I have my husband to do that for me. He does a wonderful job and it doesn’t cost me anything but a kiss.

Instead of me using the funds for luxuries that I would not feel comfortable in doing, I’d give it to Make-A-Wish or St. Jude in my sister’s honor.

Thank you for the opportunity to spoil myself. I’ll pass.

May your day be full of blessings.

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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One At A Time

For this blog, we are to use words that have one syllable.

Let’s see what I can come up with…

There was a lady from church that loved my kids very much. She was a sweet lady. She asked me if she could be my kids Gran. Of course, I said yes. So, my kids called her Gran V. We took walks with her on the trail a few times a week. I loved to go to her house. She was fun to hang with. She is the one that taught me how to quilt. I love and miss you, Gran V!!

This blog was harder than I thought possible. It was almost like writing a story with no dialogue. This blog has taken we days to write. My brain was not in the (write) right mode.

Hope your day has been filled with blessings!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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