Wronged Object — Many Items

Dear Bed, Pillow, Shoes, Floor and Glider Chair,

First to my pillow, I want to say I am sorry for the times I took you for granted. Wrapping my arms so tightly around you just so that the tears could soak into the cloth. Also, to muffle the noise of crying. Thank you for always being right where you belong when I come to bed. I apologize for the times I have slammed you onto the bed or against the wall in anger.

I do love you, Bed. I am so sorry if I hurt you with the slamming of the pillow against you. Please accept my apology for the times Elle walks all over you. She loves your softness, as do I. I truly hope the blankets are not too heavy for you to hold. I need them at night to keep me warm. Why do I plop the laundry baskets on you so hard? Well, it’s easier for me to fold the laundry.

To my shoes I owe an apology to because of the way I treat them. I walk everywhere and anywhere with them. It does not matter if the ground is dry or wet. I have to walk into the chicken coop with them so that I can collect eggs. By the way, Shoes, I do get angry with myself when gunk gets on you. I regret that sometimes to get the mess off my shoes that I have to slam you against the floor.

I hope you accept my apology, Floor. First, for slamming my shoes against you so hard. I do not know what else to say except that I will continue to walk all over you. Once in awhile, I will dance across you just because I feel like it. I realize you put up with a lot of stuff, especially from Elle. I do hope you don’t mind.

Glider Chair, I am sorry for always sitting in you daily. I love to rock and I am sure that your nuts and bolts could use a break.

Just so you all know, I will probably will not change anything. I hope you can all understand.

(I can’t and won’t put into words for the wash room.)

May your day be filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Laurie Jackson

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