Family Gatherings–Survival

If I can survive family gatherings, then I can survive anywhere. Why do I say this? Well, let me tell you. Sit and make yourself comfy. I have quite the tale for you. No worries. This will only be part of the story.

First off, I am a middle child of eight kids. Two older sisters, one older brother; two younger sisters and one younger brother. For some reason, my “wonderful” siblings have decided not to include me in certain activities. My sisters talk in front of me about going places but never included me. They look down their noses at me like they’re better than me. Well, until they can prove that I am NOT a sibling, it hurts that they do not at least ask me.

I know! I sound like a crybaby. Why do I go to the gatherings? My sweet mother is still here with us. When something happens to her, I know I will be completely ignored. That’s fine. These gatherings give me the opportunity to spend time with Mom and my kids. (I live two hours away from them.)

As I sit here and write this, thoughts go to my siblings. We inherited my uncle’s farm. I moved in because I was going through a divorce. Even though I was part owner to the farm, I had to pay rent. Finances were tight for me. In the end, I received a phone call from my younger brother telling me that the rest of them had decided that I needed to be out of the house in a month’s time. The last thing I had on my mind was keeping the lawn cut. When I moved out, it was out of control. I received an email from one of my sisters informing me that I ruined her memories of the farm. Excuse me? I left the house as I had found it. Except for the yard, there was no reason for her to be so ticked off at me. (I won’t even go into the discussion we had when I wanted to buy the house.)

Well, I moved out and had moved into a house I couldn’t afford. On top of that, the bones in my left foot kept breaking. I had several surgeries within a two year period. I ended up in a wheelchair for six months and on crutches. Did any of my siblings call or come to visit during this time? Of course not. At that time, I lived within five miles of my sisters.

I could go on and on but I won’t. I’m thinking about turning this into a story. Who knows? It could become a best seller.

By the way, I have tried to talk with my siblings. They barely answer with more than one word. They can sit and talk amongst themselves. Like I said before, I only go to see Mom and visit with her. (I have prayed about all this, as well.)

So, if I can survive these so called “family” gatherings, I can survive anywhere!

May the sun shine on you today!

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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