All Or Nothing

I have everything that I could possibly want. There is nothing that I need except maybe a better financial situation.

I have a wonderful, loving husband. My kiddos still talk with me. I have a fun-loving, crazy grandson. I have my health. I am blessed that my mom is still here with us. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my tummy. (Great! I sound just like my dad did.)

The one goal I did want has been successfully achieved. I recently graduated from a university with a BFA in writing. I LOVE to write. Wait, wait a minute. Another goal that I am trying to complete is my sister’s story and her battle with cancer.

So, my husband and I work with what we have. We may not have much but we have each other. That’s all I need and want. (And, of course, the kiddos coming to see us.)

May your day be filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

Please feel free to visit my website.


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