Feeling Fancy

If I was given funds to do things that I could not regularly afford…hmm…

First, before anything else, I would rent a limousine. Or better yet, a private jet and buzz on down to Mom’s. Then, we would fly over her hundreds of acreage. I am scared of heights. Being inside a jet would be great. It would be interesting to look from above just to see what it’s like.

I would treat myself, Mom and my daughters to a spa treatment. Since I have never experienced a spa treatment before, I’m not sure what is involved. I have never had a professional massage. I’m sure one would feel great. I’d like to find out what a mud bath feels like.

After the spa treatment, we would go to a fancy restaurant. The fanciest restaurant I’ve been to is a steak house, and Olive Garden. Neither place impressed me. Guess I’ll stay with places like Wendy’s and Pizza Hut.

As for the professional massage, I have my husband to do that for me. He does a wonderful job and it doesn’t cost me anything but a kiss.

Instead of me using the funds for luxuries that I would not feel comfortable in doing, I’d give it to Make-A-Wish or St. Jude in my sister’s honor.

Thank you for the opportunity to spoil myself. I’ll pass.

May your day be full of blessings.

Laurie Jackson 🙂

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