Kick The Bucket

Places I won’t visit? I won’t visit any place outside the US. I have no desire to be inside an airplane for that many hours. I get claustrophobic. I won’t visit any place that has a volcano. If it decided to erupt, I probably could not outrun it.

I refuse to bungee jump but I would like to try zip lining. Weird, right? I also won’t rock climb or scale the side of a mountain. I won’t sky dive or anything to do with jumping out of a plane. The thought of planting myself into the ground makes me nervous. I will not have pigs ever again in my life. I had my fill of taking care of pigs while growing up.

Books I won’t read? Horror stories. I was scared as a child and I refuse to read those sorts of stories. I don’t really care to read sickening romance stories.

May your day be filled with sunshine.

Laurie Jackson

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