Run!! Hide!!!

I’m baaack!!!! Oh no! That crazy Jackson woman is back! Run! Hide! Scream!!!

Okay, calm down! I promise I won’t hurt anyone. I had a much needed break from blogging. I will slowly start blogging again in the new year. Christmas has come and gone. New Year’s Day is right around the corner. I will not be sorry to see the holidays gone.

Alex and I went to my mother’s Christmas Eve day. We were able to see most of our kids. Elmer was finally able to come down after missing for three years. James was able to come also. He is such a goofy silly little man. I think everyone had a great time. Alex and I decided to drive back home that night. It took us about two plus hours to get home. Thank God the weather was great. The roads were pretty much empty.

Well, Christmas Day afternoon/night I had a major melt down. I don’t know where the tears came from but they would not stop. I don’t know if I was missing our kids or what. Or if it was the situation with my kids and their dad. Perhaps I’ve been feeling depressed lately because my meds have been adjusted. I am trying to cope. I know that writing helps me to express how I am feeling. I pray daily to God to please help me and to show how to deal with depression.

One thing I have learned is that depression doesn’t play nice. I can be happy and jolly one minute and bam! Suddenly, I just want to cry and crawl into bed and stay there.

Okay! Enough of that subject!

May your day be filled with sunshine and blessings!

Laurie Jackson

Please feel free to visit my website.

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