Connect the Dots

I took my third sentence from the book, “When God Winks At You”. The third sentence was, “Of course, fat chance she could find red Mary Janes in her size for twenty bucks.”

This sentence brings back a memory when I was in junior high school (or nowadays middle school). I had a pair of tennis shoes that I wore all the time with the exception on Sundays. On those days, I was allowed to wear my “good” shoes; only to church, though.

I wore these tennis shoes to school and when I had to feed the pigs and cows. Eventually, these shoes wore out and had holes where my toes stuck out. I don’t blame my parents for not buying me shoes when I needed them. There were eight of us, after all. On top of that, my baby sister was fighting cancer. So, I wasn’t about to tell Mom that I needed shoes. One day, while at school, someone made the comment that I was from a poor family because of my shoes. I told that person that I was not poor! I just wasn’t about to bother Mom with a simple pair of shoes when she had to give all her attention to my sister.

The tennis shoes were comfortable. Yeah, the cloth had torn around my toes. There was ink all over them where I had doodled. The soles were still attached. To be honest, I didn’t want to get rid of them. One day, Mom had gone and bought me a new pair of tennis shoes. As she handed the shoes to me, she said not to wait so long in telling her when I needed something.

Today, I have two pair of tennis shoes and a pair of slippers. All of you who have a closet full of shoes, do you actually wear each pair more than once? I’m just curious.

May your day be filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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