Pens and Pencils

Could I ever imagine returning to the pre-keyboard era? Yes, because I am from the “old school”. Given a choice, I would much prefer pen and paper to a keyboard every time. Why, you ask? It’s just the way I am.

This may seem weird for some of you but my thoughts flow better when I use pen and paper. I can concentrate better with pen and paper because the clicking of the keyboard is not distracting my thoughts. Strange how that works, isn’t it?

We had typewriters when I was in high school. Every time a mistake was made, we had to use the eraser pencil or whiteout. Even then, I wanted my pen and paper. After high school, I had a typewriter that once the tape was used up, I had to go buy new tape.

One time, on the bus ride home, I started writing. Normally, the ride would take forever (forty-five minutes). Well, on this particular day, I lost all track of time. By the time, we reached my mailbox, I had written several pages (front and back) about my baby sister.

Coming from a large family, I knew Mom and Dad could not afford to buy a keyboard for me. Back in the ’70s, I’m not even sure keyboards were around.

I’m happy with pen and paper each and every time.

May your day be full of blessings!

Laurie Jackson

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3 thoughts on “Pens and Pencils

  1. Although I do love my computer and keyboard, I could only ever keep a REAL journal, like pen and paper. Even my gratitude journal is a beautiful, leather, hand bound journal that I love to open and write in with a good quality heavy pen. There is really nothing to compare is there?


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