Re-Springing Your Step

What charges me up the most is being outdoors enjoying nature. Sitting there with paper and pen in hand and write whatever comes to mind. I love being outside listening to the birds sing and any other noises that happen. Just feeling the sun’s warmth on my face is relaxing.

I am counting down the days until Spring arrives. I do not get out much during the winter. I cannot handle the cold temperatures. Besides, walking on snow and ice is extremely hard for me because of my ‘crippled’ foot.

I finished school November 2014. Knowing that I had no more classes, no more assignments to complete, I felt a sense of accomplishment. There were times when I wanted to quit. Thanks to the patience of my wonderful husband, I kept working toward my Bachelor’s Degree.

May your day be filled with many blessings!

Laurie Jackson

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4 thoughts on “Re-Springing Your Step

  1. Yes, it is those simple things in life, or all those little details we overlook when busy with the everyday errands. Nature is real soul soother, I live in a city, but the Scottish Highlands start just half an hour on the motorway and then your off to the Lochs and Glens, park the car and of you go. The walking, colours and sounds, the air, the scenery, the smells and sounds so many sources of inspiration!
    From reading your beautiful post I think you would enjoy a book by Nan Shephard ‘The Living Mountain’, an incredible Lady who grew up in the Highlands on the East Coast in the North of Scotland and who also loved writing and poetry. The book is a beautiful poetic description of the Cairngorm mountains, a dramatic landscape, she explored from being a little girl in the late 19th Century to her old age.

    And having a supportive person in your life is such a wonderful thing.
    All the Best for your study!

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