No Thanks!

What place would I not visit? Deep dark caverns or caves because I am claustrophobic! If I am in small, tight closed in areas, I can’t breathe. I know–breathing is overrated. Even so, I like breathing. It’s just who I am.

During my previous marriage, my then husband had this brilliant idea to take a tour in a cave. Why I agreed to this is beyond me. We had our 18 month old son with and I was pregnant. We were also dragging along a stroller….Need I continue? Well, let me tell you that there were some tight places that I thought I could not fit through. My then husband was as thin as a stick and he had trouble getting through some of those crannies. He kept apologizing to me about taking the tour of the cave. I was never so excited to breathe fresh air as I was on that day!

Never again will I go through a cave–pregnant or not!

May you have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson

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