Moving? When?

Some people will probably think we are nuts for moving yet again. We have lived here in Callao for over a year. I have tried to settle in and be happy here. It’s hard. Not really knowing anyone here in this small town. Although, I have met a wonderful couple that live next door to us. I do enjoy chatting with them every now and then. I am not an extrovert. Neither is Alex. I, for one, do not do well in large groups of people, especially if I do not know anyone. I feel uncomfortable and I have panic attacks.

Alex and I have talked about this and have agreed to move closer to the kids. Like I said before, I have truly tried to make this place work. After having a particular conversation with my beautiful daughter, it hit home for me. Even though, she is 21, she still needs me. One thing she said brought tears to my eyes. She said that while she was at work, she was craving Bob Evans. She wanted Bob Evans and she wanted it with her Mama Bear! My eyes were wet after she told me that.

Living two and half hours from her and her brothers, makes me want to move back yesterday. I feel like I am missing out on so much. A niece is having a baby soon. My daughter is growing into a beautiful, smart woman. I am still blessed to have my mother around. Life is happening all around me, constantly changing.

I guess one reason I need/want to move closer is in case, (God forbid) something horrible happens. I don’t want to have to drive for hours on end before I reach my kids. December of 2013, my third son was beaten up in a bar fight. When I was shown my son’s picture, I nearly screamed! My throat closed and I could not breathe. My son was beaten up past the point of recognition. Where was I when this happened? Miles away! Thing is, my son didn’t tell me until I saw him on Christmas Eve. Then, he only told me because his eye was red and he had a scar below that same eye.

I have noticed that since we moved here, Alex has been having some medical issues. I realize he has CFS but other stuff has been going on such as body aches he’s never had before. Perhaps the house is making him ill. There was mold in here when we bought the place. There may still be mold behind the walls that we can’t see.

Besides, moving helps eliminate stuff.

May your day be blessed with sunshine and laughter.

Laurie Jackson

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