Exiled To An Island

Hmm…what five foods would I ask for. That’s easy.

Roast beef and gravy, fried chicken, homemade dinner rolls, riced potatoes and water.

My grandpa used to make the best roast beef and fried chicken. His secret was putting flour and seasonings into an empty C&H Sugar bag. He shook the bag until the excess flour was knocked off. He also made sure that the oil he was using was HOT! He told me that the best fried chicken had to be done in an iron cast skillet.  His chicken would simply dissolve on my tongue. It was so tender.

His roast beef would sit in the oven for hours and just simmer away. The beef also melted away once it hit my tongue. Grandma Helen’s dinner rolls were to die for. Homemade butter smeared on those warm buns. YUM!

As I sit here writing this, I can smell the riced potatoes and gravy fill my nostrils.

Oh, how I miss my grandparents and those meals!

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson

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