Snow, Please Go Away!

Dear Snow,

Please go away! We have had enough of you and your friend, Winter! I think it’s safe to say that we are all tired of Winter. It is time for Spring and rain and flowers and bunnies and trees to bloom and blossom. It’s time for the crickets and all those other bugs to come out. It’s time for the birds to sing and have their babies.

Why do you continue to hang on? We have had our fun in the snow. The ground is sick of being frozen. It’s time to let it thaw out. It’s time for warmer weather and lemonade and shorts and t-shirts. It’s time for camping and laying out under the stars.

It’s Spring’s turn to arrive. It’s time to share. So, Winter and cold air, please go away!

May your day be filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Laurie Jackson

Please free to visit my website. Thank you!


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