Alex and I are renovating our home so that we can sell it. Thus far, we have gotten rid of the mold, knocked down walls, fixed the flooding in the basement, hung a header and hung drywall. We have painted and turned our home into an open floor plan. Part of our home is at least 100 years old. The other part is newer construction.

Alex and I work pretty well together. We make a wonderful team. (He tells me what to do and I listen—Haha) 🙂 Seriously, though, when we hung the header, I truly thought we were going to die. That thing was HEAVY! Neither one of us has the strength to hold anything over our heads. So, yes, it was quite the experience. We tried to hang a full sheet of drywall on the ceiling. Wow! It was hard! So, after that Alex cut the boards in half to make it easier to hang. It took us two days to get that project done, but we did it!

Oh, did I mention that both of us are scared of heights? Yep, we are! After all we have been through with renovations, we are still talking to each other. We are still happily married. I have learned a lot working with Alex. What’s the point of getting upset? It gets you no where!

Love you, Alexander!

May your day be filled with sunshine and laughter!

Laurie Jackson

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