Random Thoughts

Wow!! What a gorgeous day! I’m sitting outdoors and I’m home alone! Uh oh! What kind of trouble can I get into the next two hours? I’ll never tell! The weather is beautiful. The sun is shining. There is a light breeze. Many different types of birds are singing. The highway noise seems extra loud today. I am determined that will not ruin my day!

Spring has obviously arrived. Flowers are blooming. Babies are being born. I have an itchy nose probably due to the allergies. Looking over at the neighbor’s pond, I see two Canadian geese enjoying the water. The grasses are so green. Trees are blossoming, as well. The sun is bright and there are some clouds.

Our yard is full of dandelions. I think I may have or read somewhere that dandelions are to be left a lone. Or…I could have been dreaming. Who knows. My grandparents used to make dandelion wine. Sounds disgusting to me, but whatever. I am no t a wine drinker. I don’t understand what “dry” or “wet” means when it comes to wine. To me, it’s all wet! Haha!! Give me a daiquiri or a screwdriver and I am happy. 🙂

I am so excited about moving closer to the kiddos. We have a young family very interested in our place. We’ve had the appraisal done. Now waiting on that to be completed. Hoping to have a closing date real soon, too. The place we found is in New Haven, MO. It has three lots on it. It’s near a lake so my hubby can go fishing. Mobile homes are allowed, as well. That alone makes me happy because we could never afford to build a house. Besides, I don’t want or need a huge fancy home. I don’t want to have to clean all that. Yuck! It’s just me and Alex. If we had a huge house, I wouldn’t always be able to find Alex.

I would love to have a log cabin. I realize those are expensive. Perhaps in my next life. I also would love to have a treehouse. I have always thought it be so cool to live in a treehouse. Again, those are expensive. It’s all okay because I say it’s all okay. Maybe my honey can build me a log cabin in a tree! Or!! Light bulb came on….build me a gazebo out of logs. I would love a quiet place to write.

Speaking of writing–I haven’t done any in a very long time. I’ve been busy with many other things. I am in the middle of making a baby quilt for my great-grand nephew. I am also working on a cross-stitch (birthday) gift for my oldest sister. I’ve been packing for our move, too. Maybe I’ve been on a bit on the lazy side. If someone asks, I’ll deny it!!!

I’m sitting under a tree and I feel something fall on me. If it’s not rain, it has to be sap, and if it’s not sap—-Ewe! Gross! It better not be a bird…

Guess what! OMG!!! I am so excited about this! I can now go zip-lining!! Yay me! Agh!! I am scared of heights but I want to face my fears! I’m thinking I’m crazy for doing this but life is short! I plan on enjoying life and going out with a bang! Zip-lining and horseback riding are two things that are on my bucket list. I’ve lost enough weight to zip-line but not enough to go horseback riding yet! I know I can do this!

May your day be filled with tons of sunshine and blessings!

Laurie Jackson

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High Noon

I feel like I have been in a stagnant mode for the last couple of weeks. Alex and I are trying to sell our place and buy something closer to our family.

I haven’t felt like writing for quite sometime. Two different families have looked at our place with no real commitment. I mean, one lady said she wanted our place. She told us they were approved for a loan and that an appraisal was ordered. That was two weeks ago! Me being as impatient as ever can barely take this anymore! Hurry up and wait really stinks! I want to move like yesterday!!!

We have found a place outside of Washington. I pray everyday that place doesn’t get sold out from under us. We feel that we cannot put a contract on that place until this place has a contract on it.

I am so tired of waiting for my disability to be approved. It’s going on six years!! So, someone gave us the phone number to the representative’s office. Sent in the form and just today we received a letter stating that he has contacted the Social Security’s Office and will let me know as soon as he finds out anything. (I have a crippled foot…)

I’m having health issues, as well, but that is neither here nor there.

The combination of the house, my disability taking forever and health issues, I have not felt like writing…

Enjoy your day!

Laurie Jackson

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If I Had A Hammer

I learned early on how to use a hammer. We added on to our house when I was younger. Naturally, Dad needed all of our help. It’s not that hard to swing a hammer, just don’t hit your thumb. Ouch! With the renovations my husband and I are doing, I feel confident that I have the ability to use a hammer.

When I went back to work, after being a stay at home mom for 18 years, I learned about landscaping. I didn’t realize that I enjoyed being outdoors so much and getting so much fresh air. I enjoyed myself tremendously working with plants and what it entails.

There is always room for improvement with everything a person wants to do.

May your day be filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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I Walk The Line

First of all, I have to say I love the song by Johnny Cash–I Walk the Line. It’s an absolutely terrific song.

I grew up walking the line because of how stern my dad was. I seriously felt that I lived under a rock. Even after I was old enough to go out on the weekends with a girlfriend, I almost always chose to stay home. I was afraid that I would do something stupid and Dad would find out and do harm to me.

People in high school called me Goody Two Shoes because I did not and still don’t like conflict. I always told my peers that my dad was mean and always angered so easily. The slightest thing upset that man and then all hell broke loose. (I have to say that I am jealous of anyone who has a great relationship with their dad. I am also happy for them.)

To this day, I still walk the line. I don’t do drugs, smoke or drink. I talk with God on a daily basis. I am enjoying my life to fullest.

May sunshine fill you with warmth.

Laurie Jackson

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I would have to choose Laura Ingalls Wilder to write my story. I have read every single book she has ever written–more than once. I feel that I can connect with her because she grew up in the country, as did I. I enjoy the way she wrote her stories. I like to think that I kind of write the same way.

Her stories also remind me of how I grew up on the farm out in God’s country. She would not have a problem in writing my story the way I want it written.

May your day be filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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I Want To Know What Love Is

I know what it feels like to be loved and be in love. All I have to do is look at my husband. I cannot only see the love in his eyes but I can feel the love he has for me. That feeling is beyond amazing.

The love I have for my children is a different type of love, naturally. I can feel their pain without them being near me. I know they love me. They also know that I am always here for them.

The love I have for my grandson fills me with so much love that I feel that my heart will explode. He is so precious (just like my kiddos) all I want to do is protect him.

Have a super blessed day!

Laurie Jackson

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Study Abroad

Study abroad? No thank you very much!

I could not handle that at all. My family means way too much to me to do something like that. My husband and I live at least three hours from the kids now and I am having a hard time with not seeing them whenever I want to. We went to Colorado just to visit and I got sick from the altitude and air pressure.

I am not that much of an adventurous person. I like to stay close to home.

Enjoy the day!

Laurie Jackson

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Fly On the Wall

If I could be a fly on the wall anywhere I wanted, I’d have to choose the walls wherever my kiddos are. I think it would be awesome to be able to see how they act around other people. I’d like to think that they would behave and treat their peers with respect.

I’d be one of those flies that would buzz around their ears just to annoy them. I realize that they would probably swat at me but so what. So beware my children, I am everywhere!

May your day be filled with laughter and sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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