High Noon

I feel like I have been in a stagnant mode for the last couple of weeks. Alex and I are trying to sell our place and buy something closer to our family.

I haven’t felt like writing for quite sometime. Two different families have looked at our place with no real commitment. I mean, one lady said she wanted our place. She told us they were approved for a loan and that an appraisal was ordered. That was two weeks ago! Me being as impatient as ever can barely take this anymore! Hurry up and wait really stinks! I want to move like yesterday!!!

We have found a place outside of Washington. I pray everyday that place doesn’t get sold out from under us. We feel that we cannot put a contract on that place until this place has a contract on it.

I am so tired of waiting for my disability to be approved. It’s going on six years!! So, someone gave us the phone number to the representative’s office. Sent in the form and just today we received a letter stating that he has contacted the Social Security’s Office and will let me know as soon as he finds out anything. (I have a crippled foot…)

I’m having health issues, as well, but that is neither here nor there.

The combination of the house, my disability taking forever and health issues, I have not felt like writing…

Enjoy your day!

Laurie Jackson

Please feel free to visit my website. Thank you!

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