Settling In

We are finally in our new home! It has been a long time coming. I am not kidding! Alex and I spent seven weeks with Mom. I enjoyed it tremendously! To be honest, I cried a bit when it was time to leave her home. When all this moving started, the salesman that sold us the mobile home said that we were top priority. It wouldn’t take that long. (Famous last words!)

Then, the delays started. There was one excuse after the other. More paperwork to sign. We had to wait on the bank. They were taking forever to send the necessary papers to the salesman. We were told there was yet another piece of paper for us to sign. (Now, there is one thing I forgot to mention. Alex and I were staying at Mom’s who lives in Augusta. The papers we had to sign was in Columbia—almost three hours away.) There was also the lack of communication from the salesman. Three weeks went by before he told us that the man who delivered the mobile homes had died. The salesman knew when we walked into the office and put a down payment on the mobile home we wanted that the man that died had been sick for a long time.

Alex and I kept hearing, “You’re the first ones to get your home moved. You are on top of the list.” We were also told over and over that this particular business had to contract out the work. Seven weeks passed before we were finally able to move in. I told Alex that the only way I am moving again is if we win the lottery. Guess we have to play in order to win. I always promised myself that I would never live in a mobile home park, but guess what! That’s where we are. Alex and I are getting older and we just want to enjoy life.

I loved being able to have spent so much time with Mom. I feel that her and I have gotten so much closer. Thank you, Mom, for all that you have done for me and Alex!

Thank you for stopping by!

May your day be full of laughter and sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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5 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. If there weren’t hold-ups and more paperwork, I’d wonder what was wrong! I’m glad things finally worked out and you are in your home. I think you made a wise decision. As I get older, the idea of “no maintenance” is top priority on all of my lists! šŸ™‚


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