Grandma’s Recipes

My grandmother has been gone for 16 years. I think about her each day. I still miss her. When me and my siblings divided her things, I was blessed to get her recipes. I always enjoyed cooking and baking with her.

I loved watching her measure the ingredients. She always used a coffee cup as a one cup measure instead of the actual measuring cup itself. Making sure the flour was always level, was of the utmost importance to her. Too little flour or too much and the recipe was ruined! She rarely measured the salt. Just a pinch or a dash will do just fine. Umm, Grandma, I don’t know what those are. Now, I’m not sure about any of you reading this, but I need the actual measurements. She had tiny hands and fingers. So, I’m pretty sure her pinches and dashes were not the same as mine were.

Grandma would not buy the cheap flour. When it came to her baking/cooking, that flour had to be Gold Medal. The cheap granulated sugar was fine, though, for baking. In her opinion, sugar was sugar.

What I hope to do with Grandma’s recipes is share them with you.

May your day be filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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