Take A Chance On Me

Have any of you ever had conversations with yourself? I have been having one with that annoying little voice that just won’t listen! That voice keeps whispering, “Write, write, write. Why won’t you write?” Ignoring it is useless. That voice is just like a child that keeps pushing those buttons until I want to scream, “What do you want from me?!” (I have the ability to argue for hours on end with that little annoying voice!)

The answer is always the same–write. You know you have the ability to write. Why are you afraid to write? I am afraid of rejection! Why should I waste my time on writing when it will just be rejected! I have sent out a story or two only to be rejected.

It’s always the same old song and dance. Today is a new day and that dance ends today! I’ve stepped up and have decided to put my stories out there. I found a few magazines that are looking for short stories. I am taking a chance on me. I believe in myself. I have the strength, courage and the ability to write. If I get rejected, I promise myself I will not quit. There were several famous writers who kept getting rejected but did not give up.

Do not quit! Do not give up on yourself! Take a chance! Might be surprised by the outcome! 🙂

Enjoy your day to the fullest!

Laurie Jackson

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