Forward — March

Who, not what, drives me or in this case, marches me forward is my husband,
Alex. I am blessed to be the one to wake up next to him each and every morning. Seeing his eyes twinkle with laughter and hearing, “Good morning, Beautiful! I love you!” just makes me oh so very happy.

Alex has been an extremely positive person for me since the first day we met. He encourages me to write each day; even when I do not feel like it. When he heard I wanted to go to college, he did all kinds of research on colleges and universities for writers. All through school, he encouraged me. He believes in me when I just can’t.

Coffee is something that is a necessity in the morning as well as in the afternoon. In the morning, it helps wake my sleepy bones up. In the afternoon, it rejuvenates me. Coffee gets my creative juices moving.

Music helps keep me motivated, too. So, between my gorgeous hubby, coffee and music I should and will get some writing done! 🙂

May your day be filled with much sunshine!

Laurie Jackson

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