It’s A Beautiful Day!

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning as I sit here and write this. I am in my office trying to think of something to write as I listen to the banter between my son and daughter. Reminds me of a time when they were younger almost constantly bickering at one another.

I miss those days when my kiddos were younger. If only the clock could be turned back at least for a little while. Today is my second son, Kyle’s, birthday. Although none of my kids are second to none. It’s hard to believe he is 27 years old!!! Memories of him being a little boy come flooding back. There was never a dull moment with him. When Kyle was born, I said this is the child that will give me gray hair. This is the child who will try anything once. Kyle and I have had our rough times but through it all, we survived. There’s nothing I would change about him.

I am going to be a grandma second time around. My baby is having a baby!!! When she told me, I just kept clapping and smiling. The other week, I was able to ride a long with Adele to her doctor appointment. I was able to see the little munchkin and hear the heartbeat. It was an amazing experience. She is due in February. I am so excited! Being called grandma is the best ever!!!

I have already been blessed with a grandson. James is six. He is so much like his daddy. There is never a dull moment when James around. Definitely makes my day to spend time with him. 🙂

May your day be full of blessings!

Laurie Jackson

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