Just Had To Write This

When these waves of water works come near, I shall no longer fight them. I shall just give into them and feel better afterwards. I am so tired of being tired. I’m tired of being depressed. I am most definitely tired of crying. These withdrawals symptoms will not get the best of me. I will, by the power that God gives me to fight this all the way. I have a wonderful, supportive husband. That is for sure!! I could not and do not want to find out how to fight these symptoms on my own. There ain’t no way in hell!!! Devil, you can go shoot yourself. I do not want you near me or your negative thoughts trying to take over my brain. YOU will not succeed! I believe in the Father in Heaven, the God Almighty. With his help, I will overcome this mess. I believe in God and trust Him more than anyone can comprehend. I grew up with the Lord instilled in me since I can remember. So, the joke is on you, Devil! I don’t need you and depressing thoughts. I will overcome the fight because I am a BLESSED woman! I am already blessed with a grandson. There is another angel on the way. I cannot wait to meet this little one, so precious and tiny. Besides being blessed with grandchildren, I have a wonderful mom. Thank God, she is still around. She is a saint! If I am having a super bad day, all I have to do is call her up. Just talking with her about nothing makes me feel so loved and blessed. I have been blessed with five wonderful adult children. Talk about water and oil and all that….these five….never ever was a dull moment when they were together. I have to admit that I miss those days. From one son getting a conduct report for cutting a girl’s hair to another son getting one for having a classmate in a headlock.

The adventures of Motherhood never stop once your children are adults. Surprises of all kinds arrive at different times in your life. Just hang on and enjoy!

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson

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4 thoughts on “Just Had To Write This

  1. Laurie, I, too, am so tired of being tired. I admire your courage for putting your raw feelings out there and railing at your foe–that which is slogging you down. I don’t have a specific target to rail against. I have to befriend my body and brain–that which contains some concoction of messiness that makes for fatigue, brain fog and panic attacks at the least bit of stress. Making friends with all of this is difficult, but I don’t have much of a choice. Fighting takes too much energy. 😐

    Here’s hoping you find the joy, smiles, and lightness from those you love who surround you! 🙂

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