Expressing Myself

There are many ways I express myself. My favorite, well, I have a couple of favorites in expressing myself.

It’s a tie between  singing and writing. Why singing? My siblings and I grew up in a musical home. I remember singing for Grandpa and Grandma before we could open any Christmas gifts. Back then, we had Christmas in the garage. I used to sing in choir. I always sing to the radio these days. Singing a long with the radio makes me feel better and full of energy.

Writing is another favorite of mine because I can keep writing and writing, even if it doesn’t make sense. I keep a journal on a daily basis.I can express myself better with words. When I try to talk with someone, let’s say about a problem, my tongue gets tangled up. What I want to say comes out gibberish. In fact, Alex and I have a book. In that book we down what is bothering us. Instead of using our voices and saying something we would regret later, we take turns writing down what is wrong. We use the book, too, for little love letters or notes.

Hope you are able to feel the sun on your shoulders today.

Laurie Jackson

Please feel free to visit my website. Thank you!


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