My Four Sons

Ever hear of the television show, My Three Sons? Maybe I should create a television show called, My Four Sons!

I was blessed with four wonderful, crazy sons. Each one is about as different as night and day and oil and water. They are all grown with their own lives. Guess what? Mama still misses them. She would love to have a phone call every now and then just to say, “Hey Ma! How are ya? I’ve been thinking about you and thought I’d call.”

Does that happen? No, of course, not. I’m not asking for an hour long conversation. Just a measly ten minutes would be nice.

Is this what Empty Nest Syndrome feels like? I hate it. I feel, well, empty inside. When they were little, they were my world. I was a stay-at-home mom for many years.

Am I proud of them? You betcha!! So very proud! I could not have asked for better sons. Each one had their own struggles. Each of them fought their battles with strength. I know they came out stronger the other side.

I would not trade any of them for the world. They were my gifts. They are my blessings. I love you! Just give your ol’ Ma a call. 🙂


Laurie Jackson

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