PBJ and Determination

The aroma of fresh baked bread filled the air. The little boy played on the floor when he stopped. He lifted his nose into the air and sniffed.

“What is that smell?” he thought as he heard his tummy rumble like the train he had been playing with.

He yelled, “Mom, I’m hungry!” No response. He yelled it again. Again, there was no response. Being an impatient little boy, he rose, put his hands on his hips and stomped across the floor. He spied the overloaded laundry basket of clean clothes. He turned the basket over, shook out the clothes and took it to the kitchen. He turned the basket upside down against the cabinet on the floor. No bread in sight.

He stretched toward the cabinet door in front of him. As the cabinet door opened, bread fell out onto the counter top. He ripped open the bread bag. The bread was not sliced. He ripped two big chunks off the loaf. He looked at them and shrugged.

“Peanut butter. Where is it? Oh yeah. Corner cabinet.” He stepped off the wobbly basket and walked to the corner cabinet. He spun the lazy Suzanne around until he found the peanut butter. He walked back over to the counter and slammed the jar on the counter.

He retrieved a butter knife from the drawer. He trotted back to where the peanut butter sat. He threw the knife onto the counter, which clanged against the wall. He turned and grabbed the refrigerator door. He searched for the grape jelly. As he lifted the jar from the door, it fell to the floor with a thud. The lid flew off and jelly spilled everywhere. He ignored the mess on the floor and picked up the jelly jar.
He climbed back onto the basket, picked up the knife and plunged it into the peanut butter. A huge glob rode on the knife onto the bread. He tried to smear the peanut butter. Most of it landed on the counter. The jelly did not cooperate, either.

There was peanut butter in the jelly. He didn’t care. The hungry little boy picked up both pieces of bread and slammed them together. Jelly splattered onto his white t-shirt. He took a bite and thought, “Just like Mom makes. So delicious!”

He stepped down off the basket right into the sticky jelly that was on the floor. Jelly squished between his toes as he wriggled them. He looked at the messy countertop and again to the floor.

“Mom will be mad but at least I made my own sandwich.”


Laurie Jackson

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2 thoughts on “PBJ and Determination

  1. There was a time (as a young and harried mother) I would’ve cringed at this story. Now, though, I read it and smile with delight as the young child experiences the kind of sticky accomplishment only children can! Wonderful, Lori! 🙂

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