I am flawed but isn’t everyone?

My worst quality would have to be that I take care of everyone else before I take care of me. I do not like to say no. So, of course, when someone, mainly family, ask me for help, I immediately say yes. I do not give myself time to think it over. I do not take the time to talk about it with my husband, either.

I try to please everyone because I do not like upsetting people. I do not like having anyone mad at me. So, instead I say yes. In my heart, I am screaming NO!!!

I truly do not know how to say no. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I am learning. NO is slowly becoming a word that I am learning to say.

Another flaw that I have is being a perfectionist. I enjoy doing counted cross-stitch. I’ve done it many years. If I find a mistake, I will sit here and rip out all the thread just to fix that one tiny little error. I do not care if it is just one little stitch. Something inside me goes crazy and I have to immediately fix the problem. A little voice says, “You best be fixing that. The person you are giving this to will find it and will no doubt throw it away!”

I am flawed. I am not perfect. I need to learn to accept that fact.

May your day be filled with sunshine!

Laurie Jackson


2 thoughts on “Flawed

  1. We were cut from the same cloth! I’m learning to set boundaries (mostly by not putting myself in situations where people will ask me for things so I don’t have to say no–I’m such a coward!).

    And I hand-quilted a queen-sized quilt. If one stitch was too long or short, I pulled it out and re-did it. There must have been millions of stitches in that quilt, so a few long or short stitches would never have been seen. But I knew they were there. That perfectionist thing can make a person ill!

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