Proudly Faithful

I am proud to say that I am faithful!! I’m not overly religious. I won’t sit there and shove my religion down anyone’s throat, either. I won’t go into a deep discussion about God and religion. You believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want.

Growing up, my family went to church every Sunday. I enjoyed going to Sunday School, too. I learned about God at an early age. Mom and Dad didn’t really drill it in our heads about him. I remember, though, that when we went to church we better behave! One time, we were all crowded in the back pew way in the back of the church. (There were ten of us.) My oldest brother had fallen asleep. His hymnal slid off his lap and hit the floor during the minister’s sermon. The church was quiet as a mouse. There was a loud thud. I think some of the older members actually jumped. Dad was sitting at the end of the pew where none of us could get out. After the hymnal hit the floor, Dad sent a look of death down the pew. We all had the same thought. We were all going to get it when we got home. This was God’s house and how dare any of us make a noise!!!

I have always felt a presence around me. I know my prayers have been answered. I have always believed in God and Angels. I know He is protecting me always. I know He has blessed me many times over.

So, I am proud to say that I believe in God!! I’ve had many struggles but I feel that God had been testing me. I think I have come out stronger each time.  I cannot survive in this crazy, mixed up world without Him!!

Thank you, God!


Laurie Jackson



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