A True Saint

Who am I writing about? My wonderful mother. She truly fascinates me. If she doesn’t make it into Heaven, I know I won’t then. She should be made a saint.

I do not truly know how she did it or does it still to this day. She raised eight children practically on her own. I say that because Dad was a laborer. The only time he was home was on weekends or rainy days. I grew to hate weekends because Dad was home. I’m getting sidetracked.

Mom was never ill. If she was, she never showed it. She never complained. With Mindy being sick and fighting cancer, not once did I hear Mom say anything negative.  She was a stay-at-home mom. She didn’t have her driver’s license during those days.
It was a comfort coming home from school knowing that Mom would be there.

Mom was rarely angry. She was and still is, a quiet woman. I remember that if we did anything wrong, Mom did not have to say a word. Her expression said it all. She would not yell. She reprimanded us with a stern voice. Her favorite phrase was wait until your father comes home. When we heard that, we knew we were in trouble.

One time, my sister and I had been arguing over the chicken breast. We both wanted it. The piece of chicken landed on the floor. She grabbed my sister and I by our heads and slammed them together. (She had already warned us to stop fighting. Obviously, we did not listen.) She told us in a stern but quiet voice to go our room and think about what we had done. Never did get to eat that chicken.

Another time, Mom was washing dishes and she told me to help. I took my time in helping because I hated doing dishes, period. My sisters were already helping. Mom told me she was going to count to ten and if I was helping by then, I’d be in trouble. Well, being the smarty pants that I thought I was, I waited to hear her count. She said to my sisters that they could quit drying. I had to finish the dishes on my own. I said but you didn’t count. Mom looked at me with that look in her eye and said she had been counting to herself. Not fair!

I do not know how Mom did it. There were eight of us brats running around. It’s a wonder she did not start drinking or smoking to keep her sanity. She always put us first. She did without so much.

She took care of Mindy, Dad, Grandma Nolting, Grandma Helen and Elvin. She takes her sister, Aunt Ruth, shopping.

My mother, my role model, my hero. She is a great listener. She always says that she’ll listen but she may not have an answer. I know that if I’m having an off day, I can call her and she’ll make me laugh. If I could be just a quarter of a mom like her, I’ll be happy. I am blessed and grateful that she is still around.

I love you, Mom! Thank you, Lord, for giving me such a wonderful mother! She is a true blessing!

Enjoy your day!

Laurie Jackson


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