The weather this winter has been unusual. It’s like it is bipolar or something. Yesterday, my yard was full of robins. This morning, it is cold and have snow.

Make up your mind already, Old Man Winter! Some days we have 50 degree or warmer weather and other days, we have to bundle up to stay warm. This is nothing but getting sick weather.

If you couldn’t tell, I do not like this kind of winter.

We definitely do not have winters like we had when I was younger. I mean, I’m not sure what year it was but we had so much snow we did not know what to do with it all. My great-aunt and great-uncle lived near us. Dad wanted to check on them. So in order to get to their house, we literally rolled across the snow. If we tried walking on the snow, we’d sink knee deep and could not move.

It was cold and roads were closed. There was no school for days. It was great! I remember the National Guard coming out, as well.

One winter, it felt like it was 10 below 0. Ice was hanging off the roof. Snow was everywhere. Of course, there was no school and Dad was home. Well, he got a wild hair to cut wood. Mom thought he was crazy and told him as much. His response to us kids was if you want to stay warm, you will help cut wood! What were you going to do, Dad, make us sleep out in the barn if we didn’t? I don’t think so.

While we were all outside cutting wood, it started to sleet. Mom yelled from a bedroom window to Dad that we needed to come into the house NOW! She didn’t want us kids getting sick. Dad’s expression was a look of frustration. We had only been out cutting wood for maybe 15 minutes. We put everything away and went in.

Later, Mom told Dad that she didn’t want us kids sick. In our house, if one person got sick, the rest of us eventually got sick. It got to the point one time that the doctor told Mom what to look for when we had strep throat. Instead of having to drive to the doctor each time, all she had to do was call the doctor, tell the nurse the symptoms and the doctor prescribed medicine.

Those were days gone by.

Stay warm, my friends!

Laurie Jackson


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