Grandma’s Recipes

Yesterday I went through Grandma Helen’s recipes. I organized them in groups of same kinds of food. I’m thinking about putting a cookbook together. Probably just for myself. I’m not sure yet.

A few days ago I went digging through my grandma’s recipes. There were a lot of them. Shew! I think Grandma saved every single recipe she ever came across. There was a newspaper called, “Capper’s Weekly”. That paper always had recipes in there. I remember reading the jokes that were published in Capper’s.

Anyway, I sat at my kitchen table with recipes scattered all over it. As I started organizing them, memories came flooding back. It was as if each recipe held a memory for me.

Grandma had a ton of pickle recipes. I remember picking cucumbers from the massive garden she had. Grandma was one of those women who had to show you how to do it. By the time she was done showing you, the project was finished!

I came across many, many recipes for desserts, cakes, and cookies. She used to teasingly say that a way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. I believe that because Grandpa loved his sweets.

Some of the recipes were for chicken and roast beef. Grandma’s roast beef was so tender that the meat melted when it hit your tongue. How miss her roast beef, beef gravy, riced potatoes and homemade rolls with homemade butter.

There were so many pie recipes. Recipes for pie crusts and fillings. When she had invited company to her home, the one thing she made a LOT of were pies. She had practically every kind of pie a person could think of. (I, myself, do not like pie. I’d rather have her cookies or cake.)

Bread recipes were aplenty, as well. Grandma could bake six loaves of homemade bread almost every morning. She used to make her own butter, as well. The cream from the milk made the best butter. During hay season, Grandma brought us lunch out in the field. Homemade bread and butter with chopped smoked ham. That was the best ever!

Grandma loved to bake as well as cook. Grandpa was proof of that. šŸ™‚

Grandma Helen was an amazing woman. Love and miss her dearly.

Enjoy your day!

Laurie Jackson

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