First, Second, Third…

Again! Again! And again plus two. 🙂

What am I talking about? Giving birth. Having children. I loved being pregnant. I loved having babies. I loved raising my babies. I loved watching each and every one of them grow into such wonderful adults that they are today.

Each one is about as different as night and day and water and oil. People said I was crazy for having five kids in seven years. I hadn’t planned on it being that way. It just happened.

Each delivery was just as different as the next. My first son (firstborn) seemed to take his granny ole time. It seemed like I was in labor that never ended. With my second, it was wham bam, and he was here. My third son decided he just wasn’t going to budge from a certain point during delivery. I had to have a c-section. The shot the nurse gave me to stop the contractions did not work. Through the whole ordeal, I was calm. I was too far a long to get an epidural. He, also, was stubborn. The doctor refused to give me a c-section. He wanted to try something first. While laying on the bed, he swung me on my head. I was literally doing a head stand. He proceeded to tell me to push. I did and before, my fourth son arrived. With my daughter, (my last child) was stubborn. My womb tore while giving birth. I had to have an emergency c-section. The nurse said that she stuck her tongue out as the doctor lifted her out of me.

I would have loved to have more kids but the doctor suggested that we don’t. Childbirth and raising children is something that I would not have passed up for anything in the world. Yes, I had three in diapers more than once. It was hard and there were some stumbles. It was worth the dance. Some days, I sit and think back wondering where did the time go?

Enjoy each and every second with your babies. Time flies by and for some strange reason, children seem to want to grow up. It is the little things in life that matter. Housework can wait. Babies cannot.

Have a super blessed day!

Laurie Jackson




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